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"I'm 42 years old and almost all my adult life had been suffering from hemorrhoids. Bleeding, itching and swelling down there was part of my daily nightmare. Then one day, surfing the internet, I came across Rue Care Oil. Since I tried huge number of product claiming to cure my nightmare (including Preparation H) my first impulse was "Just another product claiming to heal hemorrhoids". A few days after, when my condition worsens after a good birthday party and lots of forbidden food and drinks, I said to myself why not to try this Rue Care Oil. Folk, I must tell you, I couldn't believe what was happening in the next days. First the bleeding and itching vanished, than the swelling from hemorrhoid gradually shrunk. It's been several months now I fell like I am a new person without these hemorrhoids nagging on my butt. Thanks a lot." - [ Patrick , FL, US ]