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"I am not embarrassed to talk about hemorrhoids. Rue Care Oil saved my butt! Actually it saved my spirit because I was in severe pain for months. I've had hemorrhoids all my adult life, since college on. Last year I was in bed for close to two weeks with hemorrhoids so inflamed I had to stop eating so I wouldn't go to the bathroom. I did various natural treatments including energy work, therapy, acupuncture and nutritional changes in my diet. This all helped tremendously but I would still get very painful hemorrhoids that left me in bed for a day or two. Finally, I stumbled across Rue Care Oil while I was on the internet and decided it couldn't hurt to try, I had tried everything else! I have had such relief from using Rue Care Oil. I have shared it with friends and even mailed my sister my only bottle after she had her baby because the birth left her with many hemorrhoids. Now when I feel one coming I apply the oil and I never get the intense pain or hemorrhoid. My spirit is at peace because I am no longer in the physical pain that was chronic for so long. Thank you so much for the support you've given me allowing me to experience health, not only with supplying a great product but also with the customer service and communication you provide. You give some of the best customer service I've had, you are a true professional. I appreciate all that you do. Many thanks." - [S.B. - TN, US]